Future International Transfer Students

All incoming transfer students who are interested in the Data Analytics major must first apply and be admitted to The Ohio State University. On the application you will want to indicate your interest in the Data Analytics major within the College of the Arts and Sciences. 

Prospective students who are interested in learning more about the Data Analytics major can email Brooke O'Leary, Academic Planning Specialist, at oleary.158@osu.edu to schedule a phone appointment or in-person meeting. If you plan to visit campus, it is recommended that you arrange your visit at least 2-3 weeks in advance as appointments fill quickly. In addition, we encourage prospective students to arrange an Admissions Overview and Tour to learn more about Ohio State's application and admissions requirements. If you are unable to visit campus in person, there is also a virtual campus tour available online. 

Data Analytics Pre-Major Program

Upon being selected for admission into The Ohio State University and choosing Data Analytics as your major, you will be placed into the pre-major for the Data Analytics program. The pre-major program allows you to complete Data Analytics focused course work in your first year at Ohio State. Additionally, you will be assigned to work directly with the major advisor for the Data Analytics program. 

Applying to the Major 

Students with pre-major status will need to submit an application to the Data Analytics major program after they complete all their required prerequisite coursework. Students will be reviewed holistically for purposes of admission to the major. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate strong academic aptitude in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at Ohio State. Admission to the major is not guaranteed regardless of performance at prior institutions. 

Important Information Regarding Time to Degree Completion

The Data Analytics program at The Ohio State University is a relatively new and exciting program with a specially designed curriculum. As such, students at other institutions wishing to complete this major program are encouraged to transfer as soon as possible to The Ohio State University. The curriculum of this program has a strong prerequisite structure that is strictly enforced and must be followed by all students. Additionally, many of the required courses are only offered one time per year. In most cases, the curriculum of this program will require students to study for a full 3-4 years at The Ohio State University regardless of credit hours completed at your current institution (*Estimated time to graduation assumes students are eligible for enrollment in, or have credit for, Math 1151 at the time they begin at The Ohio State University).

Before attending orientation, transfer students should:

1) Have your current or previous institution send your final transcript to Ohio State's Undergraduate Admissions Office (Note: This is NOT automatically done by your previous institution).
2) Have your Math credit evaluated.
3) Run a Transfer Credit Report. (Instructions located under "Transfer Credit Reports").

4) On your Transfer Credit Report, locate any courses that are labeled G000.XX or S000.XX. For all such courses, find the appropriate Transfer Credit Coordinator and contact them to have your classes evaluated. This is extremely important for any courses in CSE or Statistics. Without prior evaluation of all Math, CSE, and Statistics courses, students may not be able to schedule courses within the Data Analytics major at orientation.