Current OSU Students

This information is for students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at The Ohio State University. Prospective high school and transfer students should return to the Future Student page and select the link that relates to your current student status.

Major Changer Sessions

Current Ohio State students are required to attend a Data Analytics Major Information Session. During the session, students will hear a brief overview of the major's curriculum, the application process, and the outlook for jobs and internships in data analytics. There will be plenty of time after the presentation for individual questions. To attend one of these sessions, please register here.


There is a Pre-major option for students who are not yet ready to apply to the major but want to switch out of their current major program. In order to declare the Data Analytics Pre-major, students must attend a Major Information Session and indicate after the session that they want to declare the Pre-major.

Any student is good academic standing (above a 2.0) is permitted to declare the Pre-major, but there is a Pre-major dismissal policy in effect starting Spring 2019. Students are able to remain in the Pre-major for a maximum of two full semesters (not including summer term) before they must apply to the Data Analytics major. If students are denied admission to the Data Analytics major, or if they are not making satisfactory academic progress toward the Data Analytics major after two semesters in the Pre-major, they will be dismissed from the Pre-major. Their schedule will be locked, and they will be unable to schedule classes until they meet with an advisor and declare a new major. This policy is covered in more detail during the Major Information Session, or you can ask questions by emailing

Application to Major

Enrollment in the Data Analytics program is space limited and is determined by classroom capacity and the competitiveness of the applicant pool. Therefore, admission into the Data Analytics major is not guaranteed. Applications for admission into the major program are submitted online by completing the Major Application.

Requirements for Admission to the Major

At present, application to the Data Analytics major is a holistic process. Students are required to complete an on-line application which includes a brief essay describing their interest in the major. A student’s academic record will also be reviewed to assess the student's potential for success in the major coursework.

As the process for admission to major is holistic, specific grade requirements are not set (though the Business Analytics specialization requires a 3.0 cumulative GPA and the Computational Analytics specialization requires a 3.2 cumulative GPA). The admissions committee will instead review an applicant’s grades in all required coursework. Preference in admission is given to students who show strong academic aptitude in Calculus (Math 1151/1152 or equivalents), Statistics, and Computer Science (CSE 1223/1222 and 2221) coursework. 

Application Deadlines

February 1st - For admission during summer or autumn semester

August 1st - For admission during autumn semester (will take summer semester grades into account)