2019 DataFest


Canadian Women's Rugby Team logo

The fourth annual ASA DataFest at Ohio State. DataFest participants received four different data sets from the National Canadian Women’s Rugby team that spanned the team’s 2017-2018 season. Some of the data was qualitative – self-reported ratings of different health and wellness factors – while other data was quantitative – win/loss ratios, players’ rates of speed and acceleration on the field, and geo-locational data from during game play. Over 2 GB of data were used to explore the relationships between individual player performance and team performance. Many DataFest teams chose to combine data from the different data sets to determine the most likely predictors of players’ fatigue, stress, and injury, with a goal of improving players’ stamina, performance, and overall health and wellness.

Dates: Saturday, April 6th – Sunday, April 7th, 2019.


DataFest 2019 by the Numbers

  • 204 students participated in DataFest 2019.
  • DataFesters came from 35 different undergraduate majors...
  • ...and 4 different colleges at the University.
  • 48 teams completed the weekend-long challenge,
  • analyzed over 2 GB of data
  • and presented their work to 12 judges made up of faculty and analytics leaders from business and industry.
  • Over 55 mentors were on hand to work with DataFest participants.
  • Mentors included OSU faculty, graduate students and alumni, and statistics and analytics professionals from 10 companies locally and nationally.


Winning Teams

Awards were given in four categories: Best InsightBest VisualizationBest Use of External Data, and Judges' Choice. The winning teams (and honorable mentions) are listed below (students' majors are given parenthetically).


Best Insight

Best Insight First Place

Winning team name: Statistical Anomaly

  • Kathleen Fillingim (Environment, Economy, Development & Sustainability, and French)
  • Megan Hutchison (Data Analytics)
  • Kathy Guo (Computer Science Engineering)
  • James White (Atmospheric Sciences and Earth Science)


Honorable mention team name: ShRek

Best Insight Honorable Mention
  • Jiaqi Wang (Business – Accounting)
  • Jeremy Huang (Data Analytics and Psychology)
  • Not pictured: Matthew Kienzle (Economics)


Best Visualization

Best Visualization First Place

Winning team name: Counts of Monte Data

  • Kyle Amyx (Data Analytics)
  • Benjamin Boughton (Data Analytics)
  • Ryan Gifford (Data Analytics)
  • Orchid Wang (Data Analytics)


Honorable mention team name: HQXT

Visualization Honorable Mention
  • Haoyang Chen (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Xiujing Huang (Computer Information Science)
  • Zhenghao Liu (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Yinlin Wang (Accounting)
  • Yong Zhang (Computer Science Engineering)


Honorable mention team name: One Eighth of a Zucc

Visualization Honorable Mention
  • Jason Guo (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Pranav Kamra (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Samuel Stevens (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Anmol Takiar (Computer Science Engineering)


Honorable mention team name: The Pandas

Visualization Honorable Mention
  • Jacob Hoylman (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Ankit Deogharia (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Joe McCormick (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Subash Chebolu (Data Analytics and Computer Science Engineering)
  • Ryan Williamson (Data Analytics and Computer Science Engineering)


Best Use of External Data

External Data First Place

Winning team name: Data R Us

  • Alexander Dennis (Data Analytics)
  • Emily Niehaus (Data Analytics and Computer Science Engineering)
  • Leo Glowacki (Data Analytics and Music)
  • Milly Mason (Data Analytics and Computer Science Engineering)


Honorable mention team name: Team Name

External Data Honorable Mention
  • Thomas Ballas (Data Analytics and Computer Science Engineering)
  • Romik Ghosh (Data Analytics and Mathematics)
  • Sai Kaushik Chatla (Data Analytics and Business – Information Systems)
  • Surya Kukkapalli (Computer Science Engineering)
  • Patrick Travis (Computer Science Engineering)


Judges' Choice

Judges Choice First Place

Winning team name: Name in Beta

  • Troy Stein (Data Analytics)
  • Duncan Capp (Data Analytics)
  • Justin Skirda (Business – Finance)
  • Brittany Shine (Chemical Engineering)
  • Andrew Welsh (Data Analytics and Computer Science Engineering)


Honorable mention team name: I say Tidy you say Verse, Tidy!

Judges Choice Honorable Mention
  • Bailey Jones (Economics)
  • Jacob Linger (Business – Economics)
  • Willy Chen (Business – Economics)