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Data Analytics Learning Center

The Data Analytics Learning Center (DALC) provides a common space in Pomerene Hall where students in several core courses in the Data Analytics major can meet with the graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and graders for those courses.

The DALC is located on the ground floor of Pomerene Hall in room PO 151.

If your course syllabus indicates that tutoring hours will be held in PO 151, you are welcome to stop by the DALC during your GTA's office hours to ask questions about the course material, homework assignments, etc. Feel free to stop by when the room is open even if you don't have any questions but are looking for a place to study or work on an assignment for one of the supported courses—the space was designed to enhance learning in the data analytics major through interaction with instructors and peers.

Support for Statistics Courses

If your course utilizes the DALC, you can find the hours during which the GTA for your Statistics class will be available at the link below. If the DALC is staffed by a GTA for another Statistics course when you stop by, he or she will help you if possible, but may not be able to answer all of your questions.

In rare situations due to last minute emergencies, the Statistics GTA assigned to the DALC may not be able to attend his or her office hours. If the DALC is closed when the schedule indicates it should be open, we recommend waiting for a few minutes. If the room is still not staffed by your Statistics GTA after a reasonable amount of time, please email your instructor to let us know about the problem. You can also contact your Statistics GTA to see about arranging a make-up time to meet.

Statistics Tutoring Hours