Previous DataFests

2018 DataFest

Information about the data challenge is embargoed until all DataFest events are completed nationwide on May 6, 2018.


2017 DataFest

Expedia logoDataFest participants used over 10 million records of hotel searches from Expedia’s web sites to analyze how customers interact with Expedia on their path from search to selection to purchase.  Over 2 GB of search data could be combined with over 5 million fields of data describing travel destinations in order to understand how customer segments differ in their search and travel behavior and, ultimately, to help Expedia differentiate between “lookers”—those browsing Expedia’s sites—and “bookers”—customers who ultimately make a hotel reservation.


2016 DataFest

Ticketmaster logoThe inaugural DataFest at Ohio State.  Participants used three data sets from TicketMaster—one with information about customer use of its web site, one describing events listed on the site, and one with information about Google ad campaigns on the site—to help understand how site visits could be converted to ticket sales, and to identify "true fans" of artists and bands.