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Data Visualization Specialization

Specialization Educational Objectives

In addition to the core objectives, a student graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Data Analytics and a specialization in Data Visualization will demonstrate:

  • an ability to visualize data for the purpose of seeing and exploring what is contained within it. Students will have the opportunity to develop visualization strategies that support their ability to make sense of data. 
  • an ability to make visuals - both static and dynamic - as a means of telling the stories found in the analysis of data. By creating compelling visuals using human-centered design principles and practices, students will enhance their ability to engage audiences and provide them with efficient and effective access to knowledge. 

Degree Planning Resources

These documents outline the prerequisite structure within the core curriculum and demonstrate how students flow through the required courses for the Data Analytics major with a specialization in Data Visualization. They should be used as guides only. Semester course offerings are subject to change.

Since AU 2022 with NEW GE (GEN)

Before AU 2022 with LEGACY GE (GEL)

Specialization Requirements

All students specializing in Data Visualization must complete the following specialization requirements.

  • DESIGN 5505: Information Design (3 cr hrs)
  • CSE 5544: Introduction to Data Visualization (3 cr hrs) ( ISE 5760 must be taken as part of the core curriculum, and CSE 5544 must be taken as part of the specialization).
  • ACCAD 5141: Interactive Arts Media (3 cr hrs)
  • ACCAD 5150: Emerging Trends in Data Visualization (3 cr hrs)
  • STAT 4911: Capstone in Data Analytics (4 cr hrs)

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