Applying to the Major

This application is for admission into the undergraduate Data Analytics Major at The Ohio State University. Only current OSU students may complete this application. Future OSU students are required to complete an admissions application and be admitted to the university first. This application can be found at

Application Deadlines

February 1st - For admission during summer/autumn semester.

August 1st - For admission during autumn semester. (We will review summer courses taken at OSU. Autumn semester schedule changes will depend on course availibility.)

To be considered for admission into the Data Analytics program:

  1. Carefully review the online information about the major.
  2. Review the information on becoming a major for current Ohio State University undergraduates and future freshmen.
  3. Complete a typed cover letter and resume to be submitted with your application (See below for instructions). The application will also require a copy of your OSU Advising Report. 
  4. Complete required coursework at Ohio State University. Only applicants who have completed the required coursework will be considered for admission to the major.
    a. February 1st deadline - Applicants must have completed:
        i. CSE 2221 
        ii. At least one of the following Math or Statistics courses at Ohio State: Math 1152 or equiv, Math 2568, Stat 3201
    b. August 1st deadline - Applicants must have:
        i. Completed CSE 2221, or be currently enrolled in CSE 2221 at Ohio State during summer term
        ii. Completed, or be currently enrolled in, at least one of the following courses at Ohio State during summer term: Math 1152 (or equiv), Math 2568, or Stat 3201
  5. Fill out the online Data Analytics major application. This application is now closed and will open again in December for the February 1st deadline. 

Cover-letter Instructions

  • The cover letter should be no more than 1 page long (11pt font or higher)
  • The cover-letter should touch on the following three (3) themes:
  1. What are your long term goals, and how will the data analytics program help you achieve them?
  2. Which of the specializations most interest you and why? (Please note you can write about more than one and that some specializations have more stringent criteria (e.g. the Business Analytics major requires a 3.0 cumulative OSU GPA)).
  3. Inform the Admissions Committee of any other information you feel would help the committee evaluate your application to the major. (examples: personal or academic challenges that you have overcome, your leadership experience in college, previous work experience in coding or statistics)

Resume Instructions

  • The resume should be no more than 1 page long (11pt font or higher)
  • Applicants should only include relevant information on their resume. With the exception of students in their very first year of college, all experiences should be at the university/college level or should reflect relevant work experience.

Advising Report Instructions

  • You can access your Advising Report by logging-in to My Buckeyelink and clicking "Generate Advising Report".
  • Save this unofficial transcript to your computer as a .pdf.

Instructions to save file

  • All files must be saved as .pdf
  • Your cover-letter and resume should be combined into one .pdf file with the name "lastName_firstName" (ex: Buckeye_Brutus). Your Advising Report should be submitted as a one page .pdf with the file name "lastName_firstName_AdvisingReport" (ex: Buckeye_Brutus_AdvisingReport)
  • Applicants will upload their one (1) cover-letter and resume file to this application when prompted to do so.
  • Applicants will upload their one (1) page OSU Advising Report to the application when prompted to do so.