2022 DataFest

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This year’s DataFest challenge came from the Play2Prevent lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games in the Yale School of Medicine. DataFest participants analyzed data from Elm City Stories, an educational video game designed for middle and high school students. The goal of the game was to prevent negative health outcomes in young, at-risk adolescents by helping teens to increase perception of risk and to develop skills for predicting and understanding future consequences of actions. The DataFest challenge was to characterize, measure and display patterns of play within the game that the researchers could then use to make connections to real-life behavior.

 Dates: Friday, April 1st – Sunday, April 3rd

DataFest 2022 by the Numbers

  • 145 students participated in DataFest 2022.
  • DataFesters came from 24 different majors...
  • ...and 6 different colleges at the University.
  • 30 teams completed the weekend-long challenge,
  • analyzed over 1GB of video game player data,
  • and created video presentations that were reviewed by 11 judges made up of faculty and analytics leaders from business and industry.
  • 32 mentors were on hand to work with DataFest participants.
  • Mentors included OSU faculty, graduate students and alumni, and statistics and analytics professionals from 13 organizations locally and nationally.


Winning Teams

Awards were given in four categories:

Best Insight

Best Insight medallions

Winning team nameB&S

  • Zheng Wang
  • Qinghua Xia
  • Hanqi Yang
  • Songchen Zhang
  • Jiangyue Zhu



Best Visualization

DataFest Best Visualization medallions

Winning team nameTeam Lambda Parameter

  • George Balint
  • Connor McNeill
  • Ari Zeltser




Best Statistical Analysis

DataFest Best Use of External Data Medallion

Winning team nameNull Deviance

  • Josh Boehm
  • Jacob Riedl
  • Andrew Song





Judges' Choice

DataFest Judges Choice medallions

Winning team nameTeam BuckeyeData

  • Viren Gadkari
  • Ishan Gore
  • Izzy Nekic
  • Shawn Sato
  • Karthick Sivasubramanian




Eight additional teams were selected as DataFest 2022 Finalists.

Team names & members

  • Big Data Energy: Emily Frost, Lindsay Michaels, Carly Schwartz
  • DataFabulous: Gabi Lowenstein, Preksha Rao, Ainsley Young
  • INT32: Max Baker, Eunju Chang, Yuxin Wang, Chenwei Xu, Fengzu Zou
  • r/DJONN: Defne Ceyhan, Naishal Patel, Neo Yu, Guiqian Zeng
  • Statistically Insignificant: Amanda Hsieh, Karis Li, Steven Lin, Mimi Maula, Lena Zhang
  • Sukiyaki: Lixi Fei, Manqing Lin, Zhixian Yan, Xiangyu Zhang, Xuanzhi Zhang
  • Team CAAR: Cameron Erdman, Andrew Shen, Robert Sunderhaft, Arjun Thomas
  • The Data Base: Paul Bordjadze, Afia Fosu, Kaylyn Jiang, Ryan Kline


Honorable Mentions

Five teams were selected by the judges to receive an Honorable Mention.

Team names & members

  • Data LongMing: Zhangyue Chen, Yuhao Huang, Yuchen Xie, Yu Yue, Jiashue Zhang
  • Girls that can do both: Caroline Eggett, Rachelle Soh, Sherry Zhou
  • HackerSquad: Ekum Kaur, Tae Kim, Tina Lin, Shreya Sandurkar, Alexia Scarvelli
  • ICU: Tian Chen, Yu Liu, Yuxiang Ren, Zelin Song, Yuting Yang
  • The Analytics: Tingwei Guan, Meilin Hou, Luoxin Li, Yongzhu Liang, Yahui Zhou