General Education (GE) Requirements

Students majoring in Data Analytics must satisfy the General Education (GE) requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. The following advising guidelines will help students plan their GE courses to ensure timely progress toward completion of the major.

All Majors

Calculus I (Math 1151) and II (Math 1152) are required core courses in the major. These courses can also be used to satisfy the following GE requirements:

  • Math 1151 can be used to satisfy the Quantitative and Logical Skills - Mathematical and Logical Analysis requirement
  • Math 1152 can be used to partially satisfy the Open Option requirement

Students who have had no prior exposure to statistics may (but are not required to) elect to take Statistics 2450 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis, which may be used to satisfy the following GE requirement:

  • Statistics 2450 can be used to partially satisfy the Open Option requirement


Each specialization has a unique set of course requirements that is customized for the subject area. Some of these courses may also be used to fulfill requirements for particular GE categories as described below. 

Biomedical and Public Health Analytics

Students choosing the Biomedical and Public Health Analytics specialization must take the following courses, which partially satisfy the GE Natural Science requirement:

  • Chemistry 1110 (5 credit hours) or Chemistry 1210 (5 credit hours)
  • Biology 1113 (4 credit hours)

Business Analytics

Students choosing the Business Analytics specialization must take the following courses, which satisfy the GE Social Science requirement:

  • Economics 2001.01 (3 credit hours) 
  • Economics 2002.01 (3 credit hours)

Computational Analytics

The Compuational Analytics specialization has several different focus areas. Students choosing the Linguistics and Text Analytics focus area should take the following course, which satisfies the GE Cultures & Ideas requirement:

  • Linguistics 2000 (3 credit hours)