Curriculum Overview

This page provides an overview of the Data Analytics major. Students interested in pursuing a major in Data Analytics should discuss their interests with an academic advisor as soon as possible, as early planning with an advisor will allow students to make timely progress toward satisfying the major’s requirements. 

General Education Requirements

Since university students need more than specific education in a narrow field, they also will take classes to complete General Education (GE) requirements. Because GE courses come from a variety of academic areas of study, this course work helps students develop fundamental skills essential to collegiate success and allows them to tailor these courses toward their interests. Students in the Data Analytics major must complete GE requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Early planning with an advisor is highly recommended. The major's GE advising page provides guidance to help students make timely progress toward satisying the major's requirement.

Data Analytics Core

The core focuses on principles that are fundamental to all areas of data analytics and consists of courses taken by all majors. In these courses, students investigate the computational, mathematical and statistical foundations of data analytics, and develop critical thinking and communication skills. Take a look at an overview of the core requirements.

Data Analytics Specializations

To complement the core, each student chooses a specialization within the major.  The specialization is where students learn how the core fundamentals are applied in a particular field. The five specializations currently available in the major are Biomedical and Public Health Analytics, Business AnalyticsComputational Analytics, Data Visualization, and Social Science Analytics

Capstone Experience

Each student participates in a capstone or an integrative experiential component to the major as part of their chosen specialization.  Take a look at the information about specializations for more details.

Applying to the Major

After learning about the requirements of the major, be sure to read about how to apply to the major.