Meet the DA Academic Path Peers


Liz Baur, Senior

Liz Baur
Specialization: Data Visualization
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH 
Minor: Geographic Information Science
Other Majors Explored: Logistics Management, Aviation Mangement
Involvement: Mount Leadership Society Scholars program, STEP, Student Assistant in Campus Dining, 4 Paws for Ability, BDAA
Internships: AMEND Consulting, Air Force Research Laboratory
Advice for new students: “Don't let your classes rule your life! It is so important to join extra-curriculars and connect with new and old friends. It can be tough to find a balance, but well worth the trial and error.”

Blaine Borhart, Senior

Blaine Borhart
Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Marengo, IL
Other Majors Explored: Business
Involvement: Big Data & Analytics Association, Intramural sports
Advice for new students: “Don't wait until the night before or two nights before to start projects. It is very easy to push things off until the last minute, but it is much better to start early and stay on top of it. Doing this allows you to ask your classmates, professors, or TAs for help.”

Mimi Cai, Senior

Mimi Cai
Specialization: Social Science Analytics
Minor: German
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Other Majors Explored: Political Science, English, Integrated Major in Math and English
Involvement: Honors, STEP, Undergraduate Research at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, Resident Advisor, BDAA, Buckeye Ballroom
Study abroad: Dresden, Germany
Advice for new students: “If you feel like you have a "silly" question in a class, don't be afraid to ask it! The professors and TAs are there to help you, and will be happy to answer any questions, however small or silly they might seem. ”

Ethan Lynagh, Senior

Ethan Lynagh
Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Aurora, OH
Involvement: Co-Director for BDAI - an investment analytics sub-division of BDAA, Buckeye Capital Investors
Internship: Data Developer for Singularity University
Advice for new students: “Look into learning things outside of class, such as taking courses on Coursera. They will help you figure out what careers you are interested in and will help you out in securing job positions.”

Brittany Shine, Senior

Brittany Shine
Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Double Major: Computer Science & Engineering
Other Majors Explored: Chemical Engineering, Actuarial Science, Finance, Accounting, Industrial Systems Engineering
Involvement: STEM Scholars program, Gamma Phi Beta (sorority), Phi Sigma Pi (Honor fraternity), Calculus tutor, Women Founders, DataFest, HackOHI/O, Launchpad OSU, BuckeyeThon Team Captain
Internship: St. Gregory Development 
Advice for new students: “Be open to trying new things! I found the data analytics major after attending a club meeting my freshman year. I found some of my closest friends in the major by just saying "hi" at meetings. It can be scary to try new things, but you never know what it will lead to!”