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Andrew Ball, Senior

Andrew Ball

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Houston, OH
Other Majors Explored: Computer Science & Engineering
Involvement: Biological Science Scholars, on campus job – Student Manager, Boxing Club, intramural soccer and football
Internship: Mantel Technologies
Advice for new students: “Make friends both in and outside of Data Analytics. It is nice to have someone within the major who has similar experiences and someone outside who has different experiences.”

Shiyu Dou, Senior

Shyann Dou
Specialization: Social Science Analytics
Double Major: Financial Mathematics
Hometown: Yangzhou, China
Other Majors Explored: Financial engineering, Quantitative Psychology, Computer Science & Engineering 
Involvement: Undergraduate research, Mathematical/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, DataFest, SASSO mentoring program
Internship: Mantel Technologies
Advice for new students: “Don’t be afraid to join DA in your 2nd or 3rd year. The course load may look overwhelming, but it really prepares you for your future career. Because DA is an interdisciplinary major, the time and effort you put in learning knowledge from other majors will reward you in the future in unexpected ways.”
Fiona Fei, Junior

Fiona Fei

Specialization: Data Visualization
Minor: Design Thinking
Hometown: Hebei, China
Other Majors Explored: Industrial & Systems Engineering, Nutrition
Involvement: Vice President of Culinary Association, undergraduate research, on campus job – Banquet Server 
Internships: China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC), CTR Market Research CO. Ltd
Advice for new students: “There will be a 50% chance of success if you try, and a 0% chance of success if you assume that you are going to fail. Don't be afraid to "waste" your time on trying things.”
Megan Graf, Junior
Megan Graf
Specialization: Social Science Analytics
Minor: Social Psychology & Personality
Hometown: Mentor, OH
Other Majors Explored: Actuarial Science, Psychology
Involvement: Resident Advisor, Research Assistant in a Psychology lab, Buckeyes for Child Wellness, Game of Thrones Club, DataFest Planning Committee
Internship: Swagelok Analytics
Advice for new students: “Try every study tip you hear even if they sound silly. You never know what will work for you."


Jeremy Huang, Senior

Jeremy Huang

Specialization: Social Science Analytics
Hometown: Nanjing, China
Other Majors Explored: Computer Science & Engineering, Design, Communication, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Internship: The Coca-Cola Company
Involvement: The Cognitive Science Club, BDAA, SSPEAK, CAIDe Lab
Advice for new students: “Ohio State has a huge pool of academic & professional resources – staying connected to them is a great way to stay motivated and figure out your own path!”

Jaelyn Johnson, Senior

Jaelyn Johnson
Specialization: Biomedical Informatics
Double major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Involvement: ODI Scholars, Morrill Scholars Program, Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP), Melanated Axons
Internship: American Electric Power
Advice for new students: “Always be patient with yourself and your learning!”
Amanda Konet, Senior

Amanda Konet

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Broadview Heights, OH
Other Majors Explored: Chemistry
Involvement: Director of Social Media for She’s the First, BDAA
Internships: Sherwin-Williams, Moen Inc., Nationwide Mutual Insurance 
Advice for new students: “Getting involved can seem overwhelming, especially at a school like Ohio State with hundreds of student orgs. Pick two things you are passionate about -whether that is volunteering or playing video games - and start your search there. You''ll be surprised how much easier it is to find an org and be comfortable with the people in it when you concentrate on your interests.”
Andrew Lorence, Senior

Andrew Lorence

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Powell, OH
Other Majors Explored: Economics, Food Science/Nutrition
Involvement: STEM Scholars, Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji), STEP, study abroad in Thailand, BDAA
Internships: Motorists Insurance Group, Huntington Bank
Advice for new students: “Don't allow yourself to just go through the motions in a class that you don't like. There is at least one skill or lesson you can learn, regardless of the subject.”

Ryan Price, Senior

Ryan Price

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Fort Jennings, OH
Other Majors Explored: Mathematics
Involvement: STEP, on campus jobs – Office Assistant, Resident Advisor, SCH Manager
Internship: Statistician for OSU Women's Volleyball team
Advice for new students: "A lot of the programming languages may seem too much at first, but if you persevere it will become second nature. Also, do some basic programming on your own time or watch videos on how to program in the language."

Manmeet Sandhu, Junior

Manmeet Sandhu
Specialization: Biomedical Informatics
Hometown: Lewis Center, OH
Other Majors Explored: Statistics and Computer Science
Involvement: BDAA, Fight For Her, Buckeye mela
Advice for new students: "Time management is key when it comes to being successful. This major is rigorous so do not feel discouraged if you are not performing as well as you hoped. Instead, reach out to your peers and ask your professors for help because they have been there and are willing to do whatever they can to help you succeed!"

Megan Schlag, Junior

Megan Schlag

Specialization: Biomedical Informatics
Hometown: Chardon, OH
Other Majors Explored: Statistics
Involvement: Honors, Chi Omega, STEP, on campus job – Office Assistant, BDAA, BuckeyeThon
Advice for new students: “Your first year can be overwhelming when it comes to scheduling classes and figuring out what is the best path for you, so don't be shy about visiting your advisor(s) and professors. They are always willing to help and want to see you succeed!”
Peter Schurman, Senior

Peter Schurman

Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Manlius, NY
Involvement: Delta Sigma Phi, STEP, BDAA
Internship: Nationwide Insurance, Capital One, and CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society
Advice for new students: “Time management is key. You never need to stay up all night studying if you manage your time correctly.”

Emma Wenckowski, Junior

Emma Wenckowski

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL
Other Majors Explored: Actuarial Science
Involvement: STEP, BDAA, Association for Computing Machinery – Women’s Chapter, Cru
Advice for new students: “It can be really tempting to feel like you are behind since DA people tend to be so driven and accomplished.  Instead of feeling discouraged, reach out to your peers and use their experience to grow. You also don't know what you might teach them.”

Did you find a DA APP you want to connect with? Fill out this quick Connect Form!