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Shweta Ambwani, Senior

Shweta Ambwani

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Global Public Health
Hometown: Dublin, OH
Explored: Public Health 
Involvement: Honors, STEP, BDAA, Indian American Association, Buckeye Leadership Fellows, Pure Water Access Project
Internships: Ford, Huntington National Bank
Advice for new students: “If things get tough (and they likely will at some point), seek help/advice! People want you to do well here - not just academically, but emotionally and mentally too.” 

Miriam Bennett, Junior

Miriam Bennett

Specialization: Social Science Analytics
Minor: Leadership Studies
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Explored: Chemistry
Involvement: Honors, BDAA, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Student Leadership Advocates, Meshuganotes a Capella Choir, Waterski Team
Internship: Eaton 
Advice for new students: “Classes and academic work are extremely important, but don't forget to spend time building relationships and having fun outside of classes and work because those are where memories are made.”

Nicole Casey, Senior

Nicole Casey

Specialization: Biomedical Informatics
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Explored: Engineering, Nursing
Involvement: Undergraduate Research, BDAA, Mount Leadership Society Scholars, Women’s Soccer Club
Internships: LBrands, Huntington National Bank
Advice for new students: “Involvement is important, but you don't want to overwork yourself, especially in your first year. Start by joining one organization focused on something that you love doing and another related to your major that will help you in job interviews and on your resume.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Sophomore

Elizabeth Gilbert

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL
Involvement: Honors, Undergraduate Research, STEP, BDAA, Jacob’s Porch, Buckeye Hackers, Association of Computing Machinery Committee on Women, GRIND
Living on campus: Yes, North campus
Advice for new students: “Take every opportunity to learn about analytics and programming languages.”

Andrew Harrison, Junior

Andrew Harrison

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Social Psychology
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Explored: Computer Science Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering 
Involvement: Trip Leader at OSU Outdoor Adventure Center, BDAA, STEP
Internship: NCR Corporation
Advice for new students: “Have a decent idea of where you want to end up at the end of college. Knowing your end goal will help you find the right path to get there.”

Darius Kharazi, Senior

Darius Kharazi

Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Galena, OH
Explored: Marketing, Computer Science Engineering, Mathematics 
Involvement: Undergraduate Research, STEP, XLHost, BDAA, Intramural soccer and basketball
Internship: Part-time campus job as a Data Analyst 
Advice for new students: “Don't be afraid to take classes that interest you, even if they aren't quite relevant to your major.”

Raymond Luo, Junior

Specialization: Business Analytics
Second major: Logistics Management
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Explored: Computer Information Science, Economics, Industrial Systems Engineering
Involvement: Asian American Intravarsity
Internship: LBrands 
Advice for new students: “Don't forget why you are studying Data Analytics, and make sure you actually understand the formulas and equations that you are using.”

Patrick McHugh, Senior

Patrick McHugh

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Explored: Actuarial Science
Involvement: Honors, BDAA, Artificial Intelligence Club, Running Club, Block O, Bubble Soccer Club, intramural sports
Internships: Part-time campus job as a Clerical Assistant for OSU Research Foundation, internships at Ford and the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio
Advice for new students: “Be very diligent when applying for internships. Take advantage of career fairs, Futurelink, and other resources. Don't decide not to apply because a job wants you to write an essay or take an assessment. Also, you're not going to go from babysitting to a full time Data Science position at Amazon overnight. Don't be discouraged if you don't get a job you were hoping for; take the best opportunity you can get. Don't stop yourself from applying for a job because you feel you're "underqualified" because you never know.”

Kelly Piper, Senior

Kelly Piper

Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Westerville, OH
Explored: I arrived at Ohio State undecided before choosing Data Analytics.
Involvement: Chi Omega, University Ambassador, BDAA
Internships: Zillow, Motorists Insurance Group
Advice for new students: “Your professors and advisor will be the most important academic resources for you during your time here. Make sure you go to office hours for each class at least once throughout the semester. Additionally, your advisor knows all the ins and outs of your major - utilize that!  They can make great class suggestions and get you in contact with the right people for internships, research, and extra opportunities.” 

Tyler Poelking, Senior

Tyler Poelking

Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Brecksville, OH
Explored: Engineering and Psychology
Involvement: BDAA
Internships: State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio and myDrugCosts
Advice for new students: “Stay up to date on the latest news regarding our major. This field is new and growing tremendously. Reading up on new ways data analytics is being applied can really foster your own creativity and shed light on concepts and ideas you hadn't known prior.”

Grace Rhodes, Senior

Grace Rhodes

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Wadsworth, OH
Explored: Math, Actuarial Science
Involvement: Studied abroad in London, Honors, VP of Philanthropy for Mirrors Sophomore Class Honorary, Treasurer for Chimes Junior Class Honorary, BDAA, OSU Pen Pals
Internships: GenFed Financial Credit Union, Huntington National Bank, Nationwide Insurance
Advice for new students: “You do not have to have your entire future, or even your entire academic career, mapped out during freshmen year. You will change your mind. You will make a few mistakes. And if you work hard, you will still be able to get where you want to go.”

Peter Schurman, Sophomore

Peter Schurman

Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Manlius, NY
Involvement: STEM Scholars, Delta Sigma Phi, STEP, BDAA
Internship: Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS)
Living on campus: Yes, North campus
Advice for new students: “Time management is key. You never need to stay up all night studying if you manage your time correctly.”

Yifan Song, Sophomore

Yifan Song

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Second major: Computer Information Science
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Involvement: Honors, STEP, Student Grader for CSE, DataFest 2017, Chinese Students and Scholars Society
Living on campus: Yes, West campus
Advice for new students: “Be familiar with your major curriculum and make both long-term and short-term plans. Study hard! If you still find the CSE or statistics courses hard and boring, change your major.”

Cassie Theobald, Senior

Cassie Theobald
Specialization: Computational Analytics
Minor: Professional Writing
Hometown: Trenton, OH
Explored: English, Computer Science Engineering
Involvement: Writing Consultant at the OSU Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing, BDAA, Pets without Parents volunteer
Internships: Nationwide Insurance, CoverMyMeds
Advice for new students: “OSU really isn't that big; once you find your niche, you start recognizing more people and staying in one part of campus more than others, which makes things less overwhelming.”


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