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Andrew Ball, Senior

Andrew Ball

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Houston, OH
Other Majors Explored: Computer Science & Engineering
Involvement: Biological Science Scholars, on campus job – Student Manager, Boxing Club, intramural soccer and football
Internship: Mantel Technologies
Advice for new students: “Make friends both in and outside of Data Analytics. It is nice to have someone within the major who has similar experiences and someone outside who has different experiences.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, Senior

Elizabeth Gilbert

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL
Involvement: BDAA – Executive Vice President, Honors, Undergraduate research, STEP, Jacob’s Porch, Women in Analytics – conference coordinator 
Internship: CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society
Advice for new students: Connecting with a young professional in Columbus as a friend or mentor can be super valuable. Even upperclassmen; they'll be young professionals soon. A recent graduate in your field will have the perspective to be able to offer the advice and encouragement you need and help you connect to opportunities in Columbus. How do you find this person? Get involved and keep your eyes open. Analytics organizations, internships, and competition or practice are great ways to start. Be curious, have questions, and learn by getting them answered."

Jeremy Huang, Senior

Jeremy Huang

Specialization: Data Visualization
Double major: Psychology
Hometown: Nanjing, China
Other Majors Explored: Computer Science & Engineering, Design, Early Childhood Education
Involvement: Undergraduate research, BUCK-I-SERV, HackOH/O, DataFest, BuckeyeThon
Advice for new students: “If you feel uncomfortable in your academic life, you ARE learning.”
Amanda Konet, Senior

Amanda Konet

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Broadview Heights, OH
Other Majors Explored: Chemistry
Involvement: Director of Social Media for She’s the First, BDAA
Internship: Sherwin-Williams and Moen Inc. 
Advice for new students: “Getting involved can seem overwhelming, especially at a school like Ohio State with hundreds of student orgs. Pick two things you are passionate about -whether that is volunteering or playing video games - and start your search there. You''ll be surprised how much easier it is to find an org and be comfortable with the people in it when you concentrate on your interests.”
Andrew Lorence, Senior

Andrew Lorence

Specialization: Business Analytics
Minor: Economics
Hometown: Powell, OH
Other Majors Explored: Economics, Food Science/Nutrition
Involvement: STEM Scholars, Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji), STEP, study abroad in Thailand, BDAA
Internship: Motorists Insurance Group
Advice for new students: “Don't allow yourself to just go through the motions in a class that you don't like. There is at least one skill or lesson you can learn, regardless of the subject.”

Ryan Price, Senior

Ryan Price

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Fort Jennings, OH
Other Majors Explored: Mathematics
Involvement: STEP, on campus jobs – Office Assistant, Resident Advisor, SCH Conference Assistant
Advice for new students: A lot of the programming languages may seem too much at first, but if you persevere it will become second nature. Also, do some basic programming on your own time or watch videos on how to program in the language."

Megan Schlag, Junior

Megan Schlag

Specialization: Biomedical Informatics
Hometown: Chardon, OH
Other Majors Explored: Statistics
Involvement: Honors, Chi Omega, STEP, on campus job – Office Assistant, BDAA, BuckeyeThon
Advice for new students: “Your first year can be overwhelming when it comes to scheduling classes and figuring out what is the best path for you, so don't be shy about visiting your advisor(s) and professors. They are always willing to help and want to see you succeed!”
Peter Schurman, Senior

Peter Schurman

Specialization: Business Analytics
Hometown: Manlius, NY
Involvement: STEM Scholars, Delta Sigma Phi, STEP, BDAA
Internship: Nationwide Insurance and CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society
Advice for new students: “Time management is key. You never need to stay up all night studying if you manage your time correctly.”

Matthew Walker, Junior

Matthew Walker

Specialization: Social Science Analytics
Minor: Critical and Cultural Theory
Hometown: Granville, OH
Other Majors Explored: Physics
Involvement: Honors, STEP, Pride OSU, BDAA, Hall Council
Internship: Ohio History Connection
Advice for new students: “You need to prioritize your own mental and physical well-being over work; take time to relax and take care of yourself if you are overwhelmed.”

Emma Wenckowski, Junior

Emma Wenckowski

Specialization: Computational Analytics
Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL
Other Majors Explored: Actuarial Science
Involvement: STEP, BDAA, Association for Computing Machinery – Women’s Chapter, Cru
Advice for new students: “It can be really tempting to feel like you are behind since DA people tend to be so driven and accomplished.  Instead of feeling discouraged, reach out to your peers and use their experience to grow. You also don't know what you might teach them.”

Did you find a DA APP you want to connect with? Fill out this quick Connect Form!