Data Analytics Academic Path Peers

Want to learn more about the Data Analytics major from students currently in the program? There's an APP for that!

Data Analytics Academic Path Peers, or DA APPs, are undergraduate students who are available to answer questions and chat with current students about life as a Data Analytics major. Ask a DA APP how they decided which specialization to pursue, why they chose a specific minor or double major, which student organizations they recommend getting involved with on campus, how they established a work/study/life balance, and how they started their internship search. Speaking with a DA APP can help you figure out your own individual academic path. Plus, it's a great way to meet other DA majors and make Ohio State feel like home!

How does it work?

Step 1: Check out our DA APP directory.

Scroll through the complete list of DA APPs to see additional information about their involvement, major exploration, and pieces of advice for new students. You can use this information to find a DA APP who will be able to answer your questions about life as a Data Analytics major.

Step 2: Fill out the DA APP Connect Form.

Once you find a DA APP you'd like to chat with, fill out the DA APP Connect Form. You and the student you choose to chat with will receive an email introducing you to one another to get the conversation started.

How do I become a DA APP?

We are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 class of Data Analytics Academic Path Peers. If you are interested in serving as a DA APP, review information about the expectations of the role and submit your application before July 30, 2018!