May 17, 2022


Data Analytics graduating class of 2022

Congrats to the sixth graduating class from The Ohio State University Data Analytics Major! 

On Sunday, May 8, 2022, 66 students received their Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Data Analytics from The Ohio State University. The faculty and staff within the Data Analytics major program are proud of the accomplishments of these students. They displayed great perseverance and determination throughout their college careers, but especially during the past two years. We wish them all the best as they pursue their future academic and professional goals!

By the numbers:

  • 57 students (86%) earned Latin Honors (above a 3.5 GPA)
  • 16 students (24%) completed a double major or dual degree
  • 22 students (33%) earned a minor
  • 8 students (12%) were members of the University Honors program
  • 25 students (38%) identified as female
  • 17 students (26%) were international students
  • 1 student was a varsity athlete